Anxiety is a feeling of uneasiness and uncertainty which can be real or imagined.

The feeling of anxiety will send your body into a state of fight or flight. You know that feeling when your adrenaline rises and sets your heart beating faster which in turn makes your breathing become faster to the point where you feel very uncomfortable and even feel like you will pass out.

Now this anxiety process is useful if you are in rational imminent danger but can inhibit you from trying something new. Say for example a tiger was chasing you, then that extra adrenaline is needed to save your life running away.

Now this same anxiety process kicks in when you go into something new – say for example an interview for a new job,asking for a pay rise, speaking in public – and this then becomes irrational as you don’t need all that adrenaline pumping round and making you feel uneasy and uncomfortable so your focus is taken away from the task at hand.

A feeling of ease and certainty is what keeps you in your comfort zone.

So the secret for moving forward is for you to be able to control this irrational explosion of adrenaline rushing round your body.

The techniques to enable you to control this are easy to learn and will last a lifetime.

Invest in your future.



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